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We source our Lamb subject to our customer's requirements.

The Lamb is either sourced from local farms,  or alternatively at Pepperell's we also purchase Welsh and Scotch Lamb with assurance that is has been raised on green pastures and allowed to roam.

All our lamb is hand picked, therefore giving us the knowledge that it will be of a good specification ensuring that it will eat well.


  • Diced Leg Of Lamb

    Diced Meat produced from the Leg and Shoulder of the Lamb.  

  • Lamb Loin Chops

    Bone-in Chops cut from the rib end of the lamb.

  • Barnsley Lamb Chops

      Double Lamb Chop cut from the Loin

  • B/In Leg Lamb Steak

    Succulent Steak on the bone

  • Lamb Rump

    Tender Boneless cut of Lamb

  • Rack of Lamb

    Full Rack of Succulent and Tasty Lamb

  • Lamb Shank

    Tasty Bone-In Shank

  • Minced Lamb

    Selected cuts of Lamb, Minced

  • Lambs Liver Sliced

    Hand Sliced Lambs Liver.

  • Leg Lamb Bone In

    Succulent Joint on the Bone

  • Leg Of Lamb Boneless

    Succulent Joint of Lamb, Boned & Rolled

  • Shoulder of Lamb on the bone

    Succulent Joint of Lamb on the bone

  • Minted Lamb Chop

    Minted Lamb Loin Chops

  • Minted Lamb Leg Steak

    Tasty Lamb Steak coated in a Mint Sauce

  • Minted Lamb Rump

    Succulent Lamb Rump coated in a Mint Sauce.





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