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Extra Matured Beef

All of the beef is sourced from the best beef producers in East Anglia and Uk. Cattle grazing on lush pastures during the summer maintaining essential habitats for other wildlife. During the winter months the cattle are led back to the farms where they are fed on natural, and whereever possible, locally grown traditional feeds such as cereals, forage and root crops.

Once received from the abbattoir the Beef is matured for a minimum of 21 days ensuring that all Beef cuts are succulent and tender upon preparation for your meal.  All the beef which is supplied to you, the customer, is fully traceable 'from farm to fork', giving you that extra reassurance that when you buy our beef you have bought the best.


  • Diced Chuck Beef

    Tender cuts of Hand Diced Beef Steak

  • Steak & Kidney Diced

    A blend of Hand Diced Steak and Kidney.

  • Sliced Braising Steak

    Great for Casseroles

  • Beef Kebab

    Perfect for the BBQ

  • Top Rump Braising Steak

    Lean Cut of Meat, great for Braising in the pan.

  • Minced Chuck Steak

    Select cuts of Quality Beef Minced.

  • Shin Of Beef

    Matured Shin of Beef Slices

  • Sandwich Steaks

    Perfect for that lunch time steak sandwich.

  • Rump Steak

    Renowned for its individual flavour and tenderness

  • Sirloin Steak

    Tender and Flavoursome Steak

  • Rib Eye Steak

    Tasty Steak, perfect served with Chips and all the trimmings

  • Fillet Steak

    Lean Tender Steak perfect for that special occcasion!

  • T-Bone Steak

    Succulent and TasSteak  

  • Topside

    A Tender Traditional Roasting Beef Joint  

  • Silverside Rolled

    Tender Roasting Joint

  • B/L Rib of Beef

    Succulent Roasting Joint - perfect for that Special Occasion!

  • Premium Rolled Sirloin Roast

    Succulent and Tasty - the ultimate in Beef Roasting Joints

  • Rolled Brisket

    Boneless and Rolled Joint of Brisket, perfect for slow roasting.

  • Bavette Steak

    Better Known as the Skirt Steak, Uk's most underrated cuts

  • Club Steak

    Club Steak is a Rib Eye Left On the Bone.

  • Chateaubriand

    Thick cut from the middle of the Beef Fillet

  • Cote de Boeuf

    The French Classic from the Rib of Beef

  • Onglet Steak

    France's Choice Bistro Steak

  • Beef Short Ribs

    Also know as the Jacobs Ladder

  • Salt Beef (corned)

    Mouth-watering cured Brisket of Beef

  • Beef Florentine T-bone Steak

    The legendary Beef Florentine Steak

  • Beef Ox Tail

    Very Tasty Braised or Stewed

  • Whole Fillet of Beef

    Whole Fillet of Beef

  • Dry Aged Sirloin with Fillet

    One of the Finest Roasting Joints on the bone.

  • Marrowbone Pots

    Small rounds of Marrowbone cut two inches high.

  • Marrowbone Boats

    Marrowbone shaft is split into five inch long "Boats"

  • Diced Ox Kidney

    Delia Smiths says this is a essential ingredient for Steak & Kidney Pies

  • Marrowbone Tunnels

    Marrowbones cut into five/six inch long tunnels





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