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Outdoor Reared Pork

At Pepperell's Meats we choose to use Locally sourced Outdoor Reared Pork.

We can offer our customers a range of Red Tractor pork from a range of East Anglian farms.  The pigs are raised outside in the fresh air with lots of room to roam and they are also provided with shelter with plenty of straw to keep them warm when needed. 



  • British Loin Pork

    Succulent and Tasty, perfect Roasting Joint.

  • British Leg of Pork

    Tender and flavoursome Joint of Pork

  • British Pork Shoulder

    Succulent Shoulder of Pork - Boned & Rolled

  • British Pork Belly Whole

    Succulent Belly of Pork

  • British Belly Slices

    Tradtional Cut of Pork

  • British Diced Pork

    Finest Cuts of Pork - Hand Diced.

  • British Pork Chop

    Flavoursome cut of Pork

  • British French Trim Chop

    Lovely and Tender Pork Chops

  • Pork Tenderloin

    Tender Whole Cut

  • British Pork Loin Steak

    Generously sliced 

  • Glazed Pork Steak

    Marinaded 7-8oz Steak

  • British Pork Mince

    Lean cuts of Pork - Minced

  • British Pork Meaty Ribs Plain

    Meaty Succulent Ribs

  • Glazed Pork Meaty Ribs 1x 900g

    Succulent Marinaded Meaty Ribs

  • Pork Kebab

    Lean Cuts of Pork

  • Glazed Pork Kebab

    Tender and Tasty Marinaded Cuts of Pork





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