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All of our Poultry is Locally Sourced from Quality Assured Suppliers & Farms.  All Birds are grain fed and reared for taste and quality.



  • Chicken Breast (Skin on / Bone In)

    Sucuclent Breast of Chicken on the bone.

  • Chicken Breast (Skin On / Boneless)

    Succulent Boneless Breast of Chicken with the Skin On

  • Chicken Breast (Skinless / Boneless)

    Boneless and Skinless Breast of Chicken

  • Chicken Breast Wrapped

    Tender Chicken Breast wrapped in Redenhall Smoked Streaky Bacon

  • Oyster Cut Chicken Legs

    Meaty Chicken Leg

  • Chicken Drumsticks x4

    Fresh Chicken Drumsticks.

  • Whole Chicken

    Free Range Whole Chicken

  • Half Roasting Chicken

    Free Range Chicken portion

  • Diced Chicken Breast

    Hand Diced Breast of Chicken  

  • Chicken Stir Fry Strips

    Strips of tender Chicken Breast

  • Glazed Chicken Kebab 125g

    Diced chicken breast served on a skewer

  • Glazed Chicken Drumsticks x4

    Marinaded Chicken Drumsticks  

  • Glazed Chicken Breast 7-8oz

    Marinaded Skinless Chicken Fillet

  • Turkey Escalope

    Tender Sliced Breast of Turkey

  • Diced Turkey Breast

    Lean Breast of Turkey Diced





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